Friday, October 29, 2010

Practical Textbook on Remote Sensing

Goldin-Rudahl Systems, Inc. (GRS) has announced that their new textbook, "Learning Remote Sensing Using Dragon/ips and OpenDragon", is now available from Amazon and other booksellers. "Learning Remote Sensing" provides a hands-on introduction to core concepts and operations in remote sensing image analysis and raster GIS. The book combines simple, clear explanations of RS/GIS principles with practical exercises that allow students to experiment with remotely sensed image data and to observe the results of various processing techniques. Although the book is valuable as a stand-alone text, it will be most effective when used in conjunction with the free OpenDragon system or the more powerful Dragon Professional Edition. Images and other files required for the hands-on exercises are available online.

"Learning Remote Sensing" is appropriate for undergraduate students in geography, geology, forestry, civil engineering, landscape design and other disciplines that utilize information derived from remote sensing. It will also be useful for teachers in secondary schools who want to introduce remote sensing to their classes.

For more information about "Learning Remote Sensing Using OpenDragon and Dragon/ips, visit or the Dragon website, Kindle and other electronic formats will be available soon.


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