Thursday, July 22, 2010

Live Webinar on Parallel Computing with MATLAB

Live Webinar on Parallel Computing with MATLAB
03 Aug 2010
4:00 PM EDT

Do you frequently solve technical computing problems so large and complex that they take hours or even days to run on a single computer? Do you have access to a multicore desktop computer, or a computer cluster?

If so please join us on August 3rd at 1:00 pm to learn more about our Parallel Computing products.

Engineers and scientists all over the world are using MATLAB® and Simulink® with The MathWorks’ parallel computing tools to prototype and develop applications that run in parallel on multicore computers or clusters of computers.

Reduce both Development Time and Running Time for Applications that are Computationally-Intensive or Data-Intensive. These new tools provide—

• Simplicity and portability
• Speed up algorithms with minimum to no code changes, e.g. by using parallel for-loops.
• Share algorithms with others, use them on different architectures
• Scalability
• Scale from desktop to remote resources with no code changes
• Remote resources include clusters, grids and clouds
• Deployability
• Simple path from development to enterprise systems
• Integration with MATLAB Compiler products allows easy sharing with indirect MATLAB users, or integration with enterprise systems.

Please click here to register for the webinar.


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