Wednesday, June 02, 2010

OnTerra StopOpt - New Route and Stop Optimization Service

OnTerra Systems, a leading provider of location intelligence technology for GPS/AVL as well as geographical data visualization, today announced a major new offering: OnTerra StopOpt, a low-cost Web service for optimizing mobile employees and assets. The new OnTerra Stop Optimization Service is designed to optimize and improve the routing of anyone or anything once the upcoming stop addresses or geo-locations are entered. This Web service runs on Microsoft Azure and can be accessed by any software that supports standard Web service calls.

Specifically, OnTerra StopOpt reduces costs by using sophisticated algorithms to optimize the driving path taken by a company's mobile assets. This path then can be optionally plotted on Microsoft Bing Maps for print out or visual confirmation.

OnTerra StopOpt improves customer service and increases revenue in the following ways:

1. Reduces the distance and time traveled by an organization's fleet, thus
reducing fuel costs, labor costs, and vehicle wear-and-tear
2. Improves employee productivity by enabling more customer visits/day
3. Allows comparison between planned and actual routes for process

"StopOpt is a significant new addition to fleet management technologies," said OnTerra CEO Steve Milroy. "It is very simple to use, cost-effective to implement, and it provides a dramatic return on investment," he noted.

OnTerra currently is offering a 30-day trial of StopOpt at no charge, or users can purchase immediately through a simple web-based sign-up to take advantage of the service -- which costs $1/unit/month. This fee allows users of the service to optimize an unlimited number of routes and stops. OnTerra StopOpt can be found here.


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