Sunday, June 20, 2010

LaserGIS for ArcPad Webinar

LaserTech Webinar: "Survival Guide To Field Work" on July 14th!

Introducing LaserGIS for ArcPad - A true integration between your LTI laser and your GIS

Quicker Connection - Fewer Steps – More Flexibility
Using LTI lasers for GIS data collection will certainly increase your productivity because you don't need to physically occupy the locations you have to record. That's great, but you still need your laser to work seamlessly within your GIS software. That is where LTI's LaserGIS for ArcPad comes into play. It's the first robust software extension that significantly enhances ArcPad’s current laser offset functionality.

Key Features:

- Connect your TruPulse 360 and configure your options within seconds

- Easily record laser offset data with or without GPS using an existing ArcPad map or from a template

- Use "Quick Traverse" to map and calculate an area as well as determine your % error of closure

- Automatically import your height measurements, as well as distance, azimuth, slope, and reference coordinates, within your GIS attributes

- Refer to the trace file that logs all your raw data for every laser shot you take

- Toggle on "Rapid Fire" to map multiple targets without ever touching your data collector

- Automatically apply declination settings based on your map or GPS location

LaserGIS is the missing link of truly maximizing your field work productivity. It works seamlessly with ArcPad's current platform and compliments your workflow by making laser integration faster and easier for you. Mapping with your laser and adding attribute data within your GIS has never been this accessible.

All LTI laser products and the Criterion RD 1000 are fully compatible as well as any GPS receiver that works with ArcPad.

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