Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mapping Shoreline Via LANDMark Marine

Applanix introduced today the latest LANDMark Marine mobile mapping solution. LANDMark Marine enables the creation of seamless models of near shore environments by providing a highly accurate georeferenced point cloud which integrates with equivalent multibeam sonar data.

“This is a significant advance for Applanix and our marine customers,” said Peter Stewart, Product Manager Manager of Marine Systems for Applanix. “Ports, harbours and other organizations involved in bathymetry and charting have used multibeam sonar to measure, image and analyze the surface below the waterline. LANDMark Marine produces a point cloud which complements multibeam sonar with proven LiDAR capability, enabling our customers to produce exceptionally accurate and seamless models, both above and below the waterline, in an efficient manner. Where access to the shoreline is difficult or dangerous, LANDMark Marine allows the acquisition of precisely georeferenced information from a safe and secure platform.” Fully integrated with the industry-leading POS MV and POSPac MMS georeferencing and motion compensation suite, LANDMark Marine is a complete solution that comes ready to mount and operate on any marine vessel. Key components include a 2 axis laser scanner with built-in digital camera, complete control software for Microsoft Windows-CE, XP or Vista, a boresighting software module for accurately and repeatedly measuring Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) to LiDAR misalignment angles, as well as a data extraction and coordinate system conversion utility for outputting point cloud data.

In order to capture detailed information regarding an area of particular interest, LANDMark Marine offers a unique “stop and stare” capability where, with the vessel held nominally static, a raster scan is carried out over a period of a few minutes, producing a particularly dense point cloud to enable detailed analysis.

The solution has application in a wide variety of applications including:

* Environmental monitoring (erosion, disaster mapping, change detection, habitat)
* Structural analysis (docks, vessels, bridges, oil and gas platforms)
* Charting
* Port and harbor security
* As-built surveys
* Coastal zone management
* GIS source data

LANDMark Marine is available now through the Applanix sales network. For more information about the system, visit:


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