Monday, March 01, 2010

Intermap Technologies for Nationwide Digital Maps and Images

Intermap Technologies, the foremost 3D digital mapping and geospatial solutions company, today announced the sale of a nationwide digital elevation model of Ireland – one of the countries included in its NEXTMap Europe digital mapping program, providing high-resolution elevation models and images of Western Europe. Ireland’s Office of Public Works (OPW), the lead agency for flood risk management in Ireland, has licensed the digital mapping data in support of the European Union directive aimed at reducing the risks and adverse consequences of floods throughout Europe.

The OPW has taken delivery of a highly reliable countrywide digital terrain model with all cultural features digitally removed, along with an orthorectified radar image that accentuates topographic features – all with a vertical accuracy (RMSE) of 70 centimeters or better. The use of accurate geospatial data will facilitate the OPW in meeting the requirements of the directive mandated by the European Union. Complete details of contract terms and value have not been disclosed.

According to the EU Floods Directive, “This new European directive is an important addition to the European Union's water legislation and has been carefully crafted for compatibility with the Water Framework Directive (WFD). It applies to all types of floods whether they originate from rivers and lakes, or occur in urban and coastal areas, or arise as a result of storm surges and tsunamis. Implementation in the Member States will be done in three stages, beginning with a preliminary assessment of river basin's flood risk and their associated coastal zones to be carried out by 2011.”

“Our nationwide coverage throughout Europe is continuing to provide value to numerous enterprise customers and government agencies, including the OPW in Ireland,” stated Adam Denman, Intermap’s vice president and general manager, Europe. “As these types of directives are put in place by governing bodies, more countries are looking for a cost-effective source of consistently reliable data to support the needs of crucial geospatial projects across their entire geography. The fact that Intermap has recently completed countrywide elevation models across 21 Western European countries bodes well for satisfying these needs. The Company is proud to be in a position to enable such a noble cause – one that is determined to lessen the destruction of property, land, and livelihoods due to flooding for millions of citizens living in the European Union.”

More information can be found on the European Union directive. Additional information can be found on the EU Water Initiative.


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