Monday, January 04, 2010

GIS Planning Inc to Build Online GIS Website for Pennsylvania

PRWEB: Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) and Team Pennsylvania Foundation have selected GIS Planning Inc. to build their new commercial property and business research website to give Pennsylvania a competitive advantage in the corporate site-selection process.

The state-of-the-art website will be built upon the GIS Planning technology, called ZoomProspector Enterprise, and is designed to position Pennsylvania DCED and Team Pennsylvania Foundation at the cutting-edge of economic development organizations websites in the US.

The website’s groundbreaking features are slated to include powerful demographic analysis, community search and a social media strategy that is fully integrated within the website. The geographic information system (GIS) powered website will be centered around an interactive online map that will offer sophisticated site-selection capabilities, including Google Street View and Google Earth.

According to Anatalio Ubalde, CEO and co-founder of GIS Planning, “While many Economic Development Organizations are fearful of investing in their future due to current economic conditions, Pennsylvania DCED and Team Pennsylvania Foundation are truly leading the economic development industry with an aggressive investment in their community. They are making the right moves to best position themselves to gain a competitive advantage as we emerge out of this recession. We are excited to partner with industry leader like Pennsylvania DCED and Team Pennsylvania Foundation to meet the needs of Pennsylvania’s communities through this state-wide implementation, and look forward to the business growth and investment this will generate for the state.”

The website will also be integrated with GIS Planning’s national site selection search engine called, which allows website visitors worldwide to do a national search of cities and commercial properties that match their unique criteria. When a community or any commercial property in Pennsylvania matches a business search on, the user will then be able to click through to the new GIS website to analyze the unique business advantages.


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