Thursday, December 03, 2009

Mobile GIS Helps Imperial Irrigation District on Smart Grid Initiative

In preparation for its smart grid initiative, Imperial Irrigation District (IID) is using mobile GIS technology from ESRI to conduct a thorough field collection of data about its overhead and underground facilities.

"Our GIS system is going to be really the heart and soul of the smart grid initiative," said Bill Wickersheim, GIS administration supervisor for Imperial Irrigation District. "Our main goal is to collect all the data about everything we have in the field so that the proper departments can do the planning they need to do to upgrade our system."

While IID prepares to implement a smart grid, the collected GIS data is already benefiting other departments. IID's environmental department is using field data in its GIS for right-of-way and habitat analysis. The real estate department is using it for right-of-way negotiations, deed research, and territory negotiations with neighboring Native American tribes. The utility's legal department is using GIS data to stay abreast of regulatory compliance. The right-of-way department is using the data to obtain permits for geothermal and mineral research.

"GIS traditionally plays a strong role in all aspects of the utility, and it becomes crucial when implementing a smart grid," said Bill Meehan, ESRI's director of utility solutions.


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