Friday, December 25, 2009

Damien Demaj - Awarded World’s Best Cartographer

STRATHDALE resident Damien Demaj was recently deemed the world’s best cartographer at the International Cartographic Conference at Santiago in Chile.

Damien Demaj was given the honour as the chief cartographer for the recent publication of EARTH, which was judged the world's best atlas at the 24th International Cartographic Conference.

Damien Demaj accepted the award on behalf of the Australian publishing company, Millennium House, and was thankful to have been recognised for his efforts. He said he was thrilled to have been given the award by an independent jury of seven professors and doctors of Cartography from the International Cartographic Association.

“It’s a tremendous honour as a freelance cartographer,” he said.

His achievement is made more significant by the fact that he did it all locally.

“Essentially I was in charge of the cartography for the book. This was all done from my studio here in Bendigo”, Mr Demaj said.

He said he hoped that his success would make people aware that beautiful maps still existed.


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