Tuesday, November 17, 2009

ENVI Image Processing Software supports RapidEye Images

RapidEye announced that ENVI 4.7, the latest release of ENVI software from ITT Visual Information Solutions, supports RapidEye levels 1B and 3A data products. ENVI 4.7 allows RapidEye consumers to easily access, process, analyze and share information from RapidEye images.

The new capability introduced in ENVI 4.7 provides ENVI users with RapidEye satellite sensor support, the ability to orthorectify RapidEye data using RPCs, and extract DEMs from its stereo pairs. In addition to the support available in ENVI, ENVI's add-on Atmospheric Correction Module now also allows users to correct RapidEye imagery for atmospheric interference.

For more information please visit www.ittvis.com or www.rapideye.de.


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