Monday, September 21, 2009

Team Earth Movement

Team Earth is a worldwide sustainability movement that unites businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals to address five critical environmental issues: climate change, water, health, waste and food. The initiative urges individual actions and presents easy solutions to ensure a more sustainable world.

Team Earth is represented by three non-profit organizations: Conservation International, Rocky Mountain Institute and Prince's Rainforest Project. Founding companies include Dell, Harrah's, SC Johnson, Starbucks, and Wrigley, and PepsiCo China, ePals and Marriott International are also participating.

Team Earth is committed to recruiting individuals to save the world's forests, a vital element in preventing climate change, by signing up for the Prince's Rainforest Project campaign at the Team Earth beta site, The Prince's Rainforest Project, established by The Prince of Wales, calls for emergency action and funding in order to achieve a fast and significant reduction in tropical deforestation by helping rainforest nations to focus instead on alternative, more environmentally friendly (low carbon) economic development activities. By signing up, Team Earth members add their voice to the many calling for urgent action to fight climate change by saving forests.

The official Team Earth web site will launch in November 2009 and will include social networking functionalities, educational content, environmental impact measuring tools and more.

Join Team Earth - Are you in?

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  1. TEAM EARTH AND S.C. JOHNSON / Fisk Johnson?

    Fisk Johnson, to look like a champion environmentalist especially "credible"
    must first resolve a serious problem in South America
    caused by a plant (Podesta) Company
    S.C. Johnson & Son de Argentina. (Argentina: Developing Nation)

    There on the Net to find one place where
    documentary information on the environmental impacts
    caused by the industrial plant S.C. Johnson & Son
    The site is

    Specifically on groundwater contamination by hydrocarbons

    About twice the environmental impact resulting company will find:

    Pollutants released during his Major Industrial Accidents.
    By pollutants released by industrial activity daily.

    Mr. Fisk:
    First we need to preserve life and environmental health of human beings
    who are targets of environmental impacts around the plant
    located in industrial Pablo Podesta, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Only after the saplings and fame.

    More info: