Monday, September 28, 2009

Elevation shaded imagery for Germany, released

Intermap Technologies today announced at INTERGEO 2009 the release of the Company’s new elevation shaded image (ESI) product for Germany. Intermap has partnered with GeoContent GmbH, a provider in Germany of aerial photography and geospatial information, to create the high-resolution ESI product.

The Company said the ESI product for Germany combines the characteristics of GeoContent’s optical images with the high-resolution shaded relief of Intermap’s NEXTMap digital elevation data. The result is a topographic visualization that's ideal for manufacturers of personal navigation devices, in-dash navigation systems, and other applications benefiting from advanced visualization images.

“Users of navigation devices and systems employing our ESI product will be able to identify their current location and how to get to their desired destination much more quickly, reliably, and intuitively than with traditional maps or shaded relief products,” said Tony Brown, vice president of data products for Intermap Technologies. “The 1-meter vertical accuracy of our underlying NEXTMap elevation data enables an extraordinary experience – whether it’s a hike in the Bavarian Alps or a drive on the Autobahn – that can’t be duplicated with less-precise map data.”

The Company stated that ESIs will ultimately be created for every NEXTMap coverage area, including all of Western Europe and the United States.


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