Thursday, August 20, 2009

TerraGo Composer, now available

TerraGo Technologies, a leading provider of geospatial collaboration software solutions, announced today the general availability of its TerraGo Composer version 5 software. The new solution gives organizations the power to easily create, edit and dynamically update digital maps, images and map books leveraging Adobe Acrobat.

"As the demand for greater access to real-time geospatial intelligence continues to increase, organizations struggle to provide portable, actionable data that can serve as the basis for geospatial collaboration," said Chris Watson, VP of Marketing and Business Development for TerraGo Technologies. "Designed in conjunction with several of our strategic customers, including the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), this new release provides organizations the ability to dynamically and automatically update field resources with real-time geospatial intelligence to help improve decision making in the field."

Additional key enhancements available in the new version of TerraGo Composer include:

* More efficient map book updates: Users can now update single GeoPDF tiles in large digital map books without having to rebuild the entire map book, helping to improve the currency of their GIS data and giving users faster access to up-to-the-minute geospatial intelligence.

* Advanced geospatial data collection, editing and sharing: With the new GeoMark Editor feature, mobile/field workers can more easily make spatially tagged notes and comments or create links and attachments on a GeoPDF file. Within the GeoMark window, user attribute data can be included to assist GIS analysts in compliance and data management initiatives. When large volumes of field-collected data are sent in from multiple sources, GIS experts can use the new TerraGo Collaboration Package and TerraGo Composer to sort and present the data for sharing within Enterprise GIS systems.

* ISO/OGC support: Users can output both OGC and ISO 32000 geo-enabled PDFs, while maintaining the robust capabilities of the TerraGo GeoPDF. TerraGo version 5 solutions can now read and write GeoPDF files that adhere to either specification.

* Expanded coordinate system support: TerraGo now supports more than 3,200 coordinate systems and enables users to create custom coordinate systems to suite their specific needs.

TerraGo Composer is an enterprise software solution that enables customers to create unique geospatial applications, such as digital atlases and map books that integrate an organization's own business context and workflow. TerraGo Composer is currently being used by some of the world's leading organizations, including USDA Foreign Agricultural Services, FEMA, United States Army Geospatial Center, United States Army Corps of Engineers, Canadian Department of Defense, WBI Holdings, Lockheed Martin, FM Global Financial Services, and NE Utilities.

TerraGo Composer is also available for ESRI ArcGIS Server environments, as announced in February 2009. To learn more about TerraGo Composer, visit


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