Tuesday, August 18, 2009

GIS Solutions Online Store

Spatial Data Integrations, Inc. (SDI), a leader in utility mapping, software development and comprehensive GIS solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of its first online store at http://store.sdimaps.com.

In order to better serve clients, the store was developed to showcase custom tools, applications and solutions in a convenient and easy-to-use online interface. At the time of launch, the store features products that address the GIS needs of small to medium utilities throughout the United States to include SDI’s utility mapping solution, SDImaps. The store also includes MapSync’s next generation GIS deployment software, GeoSync XG and GPS2GIS, an integrated environment to manage all your GPS data collection needs from within ArcMap. In the coming months, additional solutions will be added to address a variety of common issues, such as SDE Maintenance Tools, Google Earth Interface, MapBook creation tools, and Geodatabase Data Loader.

In order to ensure clients have the most successful implementation possible, SDI offers dedicated technical support via a on-site visit, remote connection and/or telephone. Technical support for year one is included with the purchase and can be extended via a maintenance contract on an annual basis.


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