Thursday, August 06, 2009

Download LAS 1.3: File Format Exchange

What is the LAS Format?

The LAS file format is a public file format for the interchange of 3-dimensional point cloud data data between data users. Although developed primarily for exchange of LIDAR point cloud data, this format supports the exchange of any 3-dimensional x,y,z tuplet. This binary file format is a alternative to proprietary systems or a generic ASCII file interchange system used by many companies. The problem with proprietary systems is obvious in that data cannot be easily taken from one system to another. There are two major problems with the ASCII file interchange. The first problem is performance because the reading and interpretation of ASCII elevation data can be very slow and the file size can be extremely large, even for small amounts of data. The second problem is that all information specific to the LIDAR data is lost. The LAS file format is a binary file format that maintains information specific to the LIDAR nature of the data while not being overly complex.

The LAS 1.3 Specification was approved by the ASPRS Board on July 14, 2009 and is the most recent version of the document. Work on LAS 2.0 was previously suspended but was restarted in August 2009. To download a copy of LAS 1.3, go to ASPRS LAS 1.3 Format Specification, July 14, 2009 (PDF-113K)

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