Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Two "Ugly" places on Google Earth

Googling around Google Earth can give lots of surprises! Aside from new updates of satellite images coming in, there are also few places that I just knew actually existed on earth. Have you heard about "Ugly" places?

I landed on one "Ugly" location -- Ugly Ukraine! Ugly is the name of a place in Ukraine. I tried to google the name but could not find a good description of its location. Not a wiki exist! There is one funny thing I noticed while entering the keywords "Ugly Ukraine" in Google, the search engine suggested "Ugly Ukraine Women", instead of the place. LOL. These "ugly" women are more important than the "Ugly" place.

Here is the image captured on Google Earth.

And there's another "Ugly" -- Ugly, Belarus! There is no wiki about the place as well, only maps and some geographical coordinates.

Here is the image of Ugly, Belarus captured on Google Earth.

These two "Ugly" places should be in Google Search engines. They are "Ugly" and the name itself calls for attention. Don't you think so?


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