Monday, June 22, 2009

SmartNet Europe launched

Leica Geosystems launched SmartNet Europe, powered by Leica GNSS Spider. SmartNet is an award winning GNSS network RTK correction service that has now been adopted in many European countries including UK, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Lithuania and parts of Spain, with many more countries relying on Leica GNSS Spider and Leica reference station installations for their commercial or private services.

SmartNet Europe is supported by a new website that provides a hub of information related to all available networks in Europe and includes: an introduction to RTK networks and methods, a glossary of common terms and acronyms, products associated with GNSS networks and links to other SmartNet systems across the world.

SmartNet is built on the powerful Leica GNSS Spider networking software that provides a variety of real-time products; including Leica MAX (based on the RTCM Master Auxiliary Concept) the first and only International Network RTK standard, i-MAX, Virtual Reference Stations and FKP.

The website is not limited to Europe. A World Nets link is also available to access many other Leica enabled services across the world, including: Canada, Philippines, Singapore, Australia, Bahrain and multiple services in the US.


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