Friday, June 26, 2009

Remote Sensing Internship Position in Edinburgh, Scotland

My dear friend Dr. Karin Viergever sent me an email today disseminating an info regarding a Remote Sensing internship position that is available right now in their company, Ecometrica, in UK.

Read the announcement below and tell your friends about it, especially those in UK.

Remote Sensing Internship in Edinburgh, Scotland

Ecometrica, in conjunction with The University of Edinburgh, is offering a remote sensing internship for a current or recently graduated MSc student.

Ecometrica is an independent company that specialises in land use, policy and greenhouse gas emissions projects. We have recently expanded our RS and GIS capacities and have since completed several land use and policy (e.g. forestry and agriculture related) projects using RS. Ecometrica maintains strong links with The University of Edinburgh. The intern will therefore be able to use university facilities such as the library and will be free to join discussion groups of postgraduate students working on remote sensing projects within the School of Geosciences.

The project uses long-term NDVI averages from MODIS for the detection of grassland/pasture degradation (i.e. detection of long-term carbon decrease in grassland). To further assess changes and trends in grassland carbon, precipitation, population and cattle data can be included. The study area is the Argentinian pampas. The project links with an existing Ecometrica project for identifying grassland conversion, which is a very current topic. The project has good scope for a scientific paper as outcome. We envisage the project to last for approximately 3-4 months, ideally starting from August or September 2009.

Apart from an interesting project on a very current issue in an exciting work environment, other advantages of coming to Edinburgh for your internship are:

• Getting acquainted with the private sector and a leading research environment in the UK

• Improving your spoken and written English language skills

• Experiencing the fantastic city of Edinburgh - there's lots to see and do here and the festival and festive season are especially great

• Scotland is fantastically beautiful.

From a practical point of view, the Ecometrica office and relevant university buildings are very closely situated to each other and the city centre (about 5-10 minutes by bicycle).

For more information on Ecometrica and the School of Geosciences: and

Send your letter of interest and CV to: The vacancy will be filled as soon as a suitable applicant has been found.


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