Friday, April 17, 2009

Spain Digital Maps in NEXTMap database

Intermap Technologies announced that uniformly accurate 3D digital elevation models and high-resolution orthorectified radar images of the entire country of Spain are now commercially available. Digital maps of Spain, collected as part of the company’s NEXTMap Europe programme, join France, Germany, Great Britain, Luxembourg, and Italy as full country datasets in the NEXTMap data library. Portions of Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Portugal, Switzerland, and The Netherlands are also in the data library.

All of Intermap's NEXTMap datasets include uniform digital surface models that depict the earth’s surface (including cultural features such as vegetation, buildings, and roads). These datasets also include digital terrain models displaying the bare earth (with all cultural features digitally removed) and orthorectified radar images that accentuate the country’s topographic features.

The Company has also mapped the contiguous U.S. and Hawaii as part of its NEXTMap USA mapping programme.


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