Monday, March 23, 2009

RT2502 GPS-aided system, ideal for aerial imaging

OxTS, an established manufacturer of inertial navigation systems and GPS, is pleased to announce that its RT2502-250Hz product can now be post-processed, giving exceptional position accuracy for aerial imaging applications.

The RT2502 GPS-aided inertial measurement system has an exceptionally high output rate of 250Hz, so that little or no interpolation between images is required. All the measurements are output at the high data rate including the position, orientation and velocity measurements. Now, with post-processing of the GPS, it is possible to obtain high accuracy position measurements at very low costs.

Perfect for high-tech airborne imaging systems, the RT2502-250Hz also includes dual-antenna GPS. This stabilises the heading so that it remains accurate regardless of the aircraft’s trajectory. The GPS corrected inertial data can then be used to geo-rectify the hyperspectral image with unpredicted accuracy. High speed real-time outputs mean that the user can perform on-line verification.

Connecting the RT2502-250Hz to any system is easy. Documented interfaces over RS232, Ethernet and CAN bus mean that designers can put this highly accurate GPS/INS system to work very quickly. Easy configuration software gets the RT2502 set up quickly and, after that, the system requires no user intervention. The RT2502 can start-up automatically without the user and will give stunning results.


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