Thursday, March 05, 2009

New 3D city models soon

CyberCity 3D, Inc. of El Segundo, CA announced a partnership with Minneapolis-based, GEOSPAN Corporation to produce 3D city models.

The agreement allows CyberCity 3D to build and publish new 3D city models with GEOSPAN's GEOVISTA imagery products. It also gives CyberCity 3D access to GEOSPAN's vast library of aerial/oblique images for 3D modeling. Future GEOSPAN customers will have the opportunity to utilize 3D city models when acquiring data from GEOSPAN and its partner companies.

CyberCity 3, a 3D geospatial modelling company specialising in emerging GeoWeb solutions for the real estate, travel destination, and geographic information systems (GIS) industries, will expand its growing city model library with the help of GEOVISTA imagery. CyberCity 3D, with its core business in web publishing, is a significant contributor of 3D city models to Google Earth. Municipalities such as Santa Monica, Paris, Honolulu, and Manhattan Beach are featured along with several other cities on Google Earth.


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