Thursday, March 19, 2009

GeoSamba Universal now provides direct connection to ArcGIS Server

The Australian-built GeoSamba Universal technology from iintegrate Systems – a subsidiary of NGIS Australia – has now been integrated with ESRI’s flagship server product, ArcGIS Server.

Already renowned as a proven enterprise framework for delivering business value through mapping technology, GeoSamba has now extended integration options by including a purpose built connection to ArcGIS Server.

iintegrate Systems CEO, Adam Hender said that this latest enhancement extends the capabilities of the product to be in sync with existing systems.

"ArcGIS Server provides very high quality map renderer and although we introduced support for it through our OGC Gateway, released in version 2.0 last year, we felt that having a purpose built GeoSamba Gateway will provide a more seamless integration of ArcGIS Server rendered maps and source features that are not easily achievable through the OGC standards," he said.

"Many of our clients and other spatial organisations have ArcGIS Server capabilities, so the dedicated gateway enables GeoSamba to easily fit with their existing systems. Making GeoSamba work with other existing systems and helping organisations make the most of their current GIS investments has always been the core purpose of the product."

"GeoSamba has earned a reputation as the leader for enabling organisations to leverage existing GIS and add value to their business processes. This new Gateway has further improved this aspect of the product," Adam said.

GeoSamba Universal is available as a standard or enterprise system, ready for use off-the-shelf, by emailing More detailed product information is available at

For more details, contact GeoSamba Software Manager and iintegrate Systems CEO Adam Hender on (08) 9355 6051 or email


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