Friday, February 27, 2009

Topcon GMS-2 Pro: GIS high-accuracy data collection kit

Topcon Positioning Systems announces a GIS data collection kit for the new Topcon GMS-2 Pro.

GMS-2 Pro is the handheld GIS mapping solution that provides technological advancements like an integrated laser rangefinder to the GMS-2, the industry's first GIS-GPS hand-held receiver with 50-channel dual constellation tracking, an integrated digital camera and electronic compass.

The kit can be ordered with a GMS-2 Pro and choice of software to create a complete GIS high accuracy system.

The GMS-2 Pro kit includes:

* PG-A5 external antenna with GMS-2 Pro cable;
* GMS-2 Pro pole bracket; and
* 2 meter pole.

GMS-2 Pro Features:

* Integrated 2.0 megapixel digital camera
* Integrated Distance Measuring Device
* Integrated Barcode Reader
* Easy Access USB Memory Expansion
* Replaceable, Rechargeable All-day Battery
* Dual constellation satellite tracking


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