Friday, February 13, 2009

Download GPS tracking system for GPS enabled cell phone

You can download a GPS tracking system for your GPS enabled cell phone!

Global Satellite Assist (GS Assist) is a GPS tracking system that can be downloaded to your GPS enabled cell phone. The days of carrying a cell phone and a GPS tracking solution are now over... travel light with just your cell phone!

By using GS Assist, boaters can have an added sense of security and peace of mind both on the water and ashore as it provides a visual story of your travels and adventures to friends and family, viewable on any internet enabled PC. And you're in control: you select the people who can see your location and let them know you are safe. As you travel, GS Assist advises you of the political and environmental climate before you arrive in each destination port. The system will also relay SOS emergency emails to up to 10 recipients, relay emergency SMS messages to up to 10 mobile phones, and provides 24/7 phone line assistance for access to emergency advice and rescue services, personal security briefing, and related crisis management services.

The GS Assist service allows you to see your GPS enabled smartphone handset wherever it may be being used in the world on maps, satellite images, and ariel photography via Google Maps or Windows Virtual Earth. Two distinct views provide a "current position" report on a single boat or handset together with the history of where it has been over the last 6 months, and a "follow live" service which gives a continuously updated view of where multiple boats belonging to a single group, company or agency are located.


* Global Satellite Locating Service
* Maps, Satellite, Ariel Images - All on your cell GPS enabled cell phone!
* Live positions of multiple users
* Standard position reports
* Emergency position reports
* Emergency messages relayed to Email
* Emergency messages relayed to mobile phones


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