Wednesday, February 18, 2009

CityGRID 2009: 3D management software released

Met GeoInfo has released CityGRID 2009; this version of the revolutionary 3D management software further improves model performance and increases the ability for the sharing of 3D city models.

System enhancements enable users to find information faster and easier than ever before, with improvements to CityGRID Manager, Administrator, Reader/Writer and Modeler.

In this latest release several new features will help with day to day use and management of 3D data, furthering CityGRID as the premier software for intelligent 3D data management.

Latest features include:

* Improved model surfacing – already a key feature, however now further algorithms have been introduced to reduce common digitizing errors.

* Extended data schema’s for Terrains and Buildings – providing clients with the ability to manage multiple versions for terrain models. Vertical roof faces now have their own element class, and model faces can now be extended beyond ground level.

* Improved database connectivity of Reader/Writer – CityGRID 2009 supports FME 2009 in full. The reader/writer element now also communicates directly with the manager database allowing for fast retrieval and export of models, ultimately providing users with more control of the export process.


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