Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Surface Geology Map of Australia

An historic cross jurisdictional milestone has been achieved with the release of the new Surface Geology Map of Australia. In a co-operative program with the State and Northern Territory Geological Surveys, Geoscience Australia has compiled a 1:1 million scale database which provides a seamless representation of Australia's geology over the whole continent and Tasmania. The digital map has been developed by a team of geologists and cartographers at Geoscience Australia working in partnership with geologists from the State and Territory agencies. The team standardised and matched the edges of geological maps which have been published by State, Territory and Commonwealth agencies over the past 40 years.

The Chief Executive Officer of Geoscience Australia, Dr Neil Williams, said that in the past, geological information frequently failed to match up across jurisdictional boundaries because of differences in data acquisition methods and the development of new geological understanding.

With its seamless format, the map will be a valuable baseline dataset for regional and national evaluations of resource potential as well as for environmental management and land use decision making. Its development has been a truly remarkable collaboration and provides a clear illustration that co-operation and planning across jurisdictions can produce accurate information which will benefit all Australia.


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