Monday, December 15, 2008

iSMART 5.5 now available

eSpatial, provider of Web GIS & Location Services, announced the availability of its latest corporate Web GIS software product iSMART 5.5. Already adopted by customers for projects in the US and UK, the latest iSMART software suite offers online GIS solutions eliminating dependency on traditional desktop client software.

iSMART 5.5 is based on customer requirements for pure Web 2.0 Spatial Editing and other Corporate GIS capabilities, and driven by eSpatial’s on-going company strategy for development in these areas in order to continue to offer the world’s best Web GIS.

iSMART 5.5 offers enhanced functionality in pure Web editing of spatial data including Auto-pan, Edit Clash-detection, Digitize using coordinates / distance & angle. This, along with improvements to the iSMART JavaScript and Ajax API enables organisations to embed GIS capabilities in mainstream business applications.

iSMART 5.5 includes other major enhancements such as a revised styling user interface and the ability to set user defined map display and print styles. It also includes Thematic enhancements such as thematics from ad-hoc SQL, Print enhancements including clipped printing and print preview, and Auditing. Support for 64-bit Java runtime and Apache Tomcat web application server has also been included.


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