Sunday, October 26, 2008

Newly released data of household income in Canada

A newly released dataset of the 2006 census commissioned by Tetrad Computer Applications Inc. provides a detailed picture of household income by the age of head of household. Statistics Canada’s currently published tables only show households with incomes greater than $100,000.

Tetrad’s custom dataset shows households with incomes above $200,000, the top 3% of households in Canada. These are the Super-Rich.

“This 2006 Census data is Location Based Demographics that when used with PCensus, Tetrad’s demographic package, can pinpoint households for target marketing and high-end retail locations,” said Wilson Baker, President of Tetrad Computer Applications Inc. “While this data may be new to Canada, similar products have been available in the US for years”.

In Canada, sales territories are often defined with postal FSAs. PCensus easily found that T3H in Calgary has the largest number of households in Canada with income more than $200,000. When you apply the age factor, T9H in Fort McMurray’s oil-patch has the largest number of householders aged 15 – 24 years with income over $200,000. At the other end of the age spectrum, M4V in Toronto has the largest number of super-rich seniors, 75+ years.

"This information is critical when looking for a market to launch a high-end product or service. For example, an elite private boarding school could use this data in planning a recruiting tour to target super-rich young families who could afford their steep tuition,” explained Baker. “Additionally, Tetrad’s PCensus software can be used to create information-rich maps that show ‘hot spots’ of wealth".

About Tetrad Computer Applications Inc.
Since 1988, Tetrad has provided demographic and mapping tools to businesses and governments in North America and is an Authorized User and Distributor of selected Statistics Canada Computer File(s) under Licensing Agreement no. 6543. For more information, contact Rob Batenburg at Tetrad 800.663.1334 ext 310, or visit


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