Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Geospatial Intelligence Production Software Capabilities for Defense and Intelligence Agencies

Intergraph has introduced new software capabilities for its widely deployed geospatial intelligence production solution to enable the defense and intelligence community to create higher quality geospatial analysis products faster and more efficiently.

Intergraph’s proven Geospatial Intelligence Production solution is now enhanced for hardcopy production, and is available to defense and intelligence agencies to facilitate a more efficient workflow for collecting, viewing, manipulating, and producing geospatial products. Users will benefit from increased quality and efficiency when producing large-scale maps to specification.

Intergraph ImageStation Stereo for GeoMedia® enables intelligence professionals to perform photogrammetric 3D data capture using stereo imagery of aerial and satellite sensors in a GIS environment. Analysts use the tools to interactively collect, update and manipulate geometry and attributes of map features, as well as to enable automatic attribution and geometric validation. The rich toolset optimizes the data collection workflow, which delivers more accurate data, thereby ensuring the production of more accurate maps.

Defense and intelligence agencies can also leverage the capabilities of ImageStation Stereo Viewer for GeoMedia, which provides a foundational reading capability through which users can view stereo imagery, display legends and measure features in 3D.

Once map data are collected, Intergraph GeoMedia Feature Cartographer facilitates map production through an optimized and automated work process in a GIS environment. By boosting productivity for defense and intelligence agencies that create high volumes of cartographic products, GeoMedia Feature Cartographer promotes a savings of time and money, as well as added assurance regarding map accuracy. The streamlined, rules-based processes of GeoMedia Feature Cartographer enable map producers to stay current on revisions, while maintaining accuracy in the production process.

“Defense and intelligence agencies around the world rely on Intergraph’s end-to-end geospatial intelligence production solution for the collection, validation, management and exchange of data to support the production of standard mapping products,” said Gen. Jack Pellicci, U.S. Army (Ret.), general manager of the Intergraph’s Federal, Security and Intelligence business unit. “By augmenting our geospatial intelligence production solution with ImageStation Stereo for GeoMedia and GeoMedia Feature Cartographer, we are empowering agency personnel with comprehensive map production capabilities that enable them to produce highly accurate maps in an efficient manner, both of which are crucial for military and intelligence personnel charged with making split-second, informed decisions.”

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