Friday, October 31, 2008

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency purchases full CitySphere 2.0

DigitalGlobe today announced that the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) has purchased the entire CitySphere 2.0 product, the recently launched, enhanced version of DigitalGlobe's extensive library of on-demand digital satellite and aerial imagery of the most populated global cities.

CitySphere 2.0, with the addition of never-before-available views of cities such as Dubai, Seoul and Jakarta, will enable the NGA to provide timely and relevant geospatial intelligence of new areas in support of worldwide mapping requirements to clients such as the U.S. State Department and other intelligence community agencies. The CitySphere platform can meet the geospatial content needs associated with a myriad of planning, security and transportation requirements.

CitySphere 2.0 is an expansion of the popular on-demand worldwide city coverage program. DigitalGlobe is growing the CitySphere offering from 200 cities to 300 and expands global urban coverage from 165,000 to 735,000 square kilometers and now also includes aerial imagery data of over 100 cities at 30 cm (1 ft) resolution.

Cities are refreshed dynamically from every year to every 4 years, providing users the most up-to-date imagery available. Available in the traditional offline formats or online via WMS, CitySphere 2.0 provides flexibility to allow customers access to imagery in the format and access solution they require.

The NGA purchased the original CitySphere product in 2006, and has been using it ever since.



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