Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jena Airborne Scanner JAS 150s -- performance features

The Jena Airborne Scanner JAS 150s together with its photogrammetric processing software provides data with very high spatial resolution, positional accuracy and radiometric resolution.

Using the JAS 150s, images with a ground pixel resolution of 5 cm [2 inches] at a flight altitude of 1000m [3280 feet] can be achieved at multiple stereo angles. When flying over an area, it is possible to record the nine CCD lines, including four multi-spectral bands as well as five stereo panchromatic channels, simultaneously in identical high resolution. Using the five stereo panchromatic channels the number and size of blind spots can be minimised.

With the ASM software in combination with SOCET SET or inpho software the acquired data can be used for mapping of large areas as well as for creating highly precise digital elevation models and orthophotos. Software integrations to further processing software packages are possible on request. Jena-Optronik offers the adaptation to all prevalent peripheral systems in order to reduce costs and offers also several different modes to acquire a JAS150s, including buying, leasing and renting.

Further performance features of the Airborne Scanner JAS 150s:

* A new high-performance lens for all nine channels provides highest geometric accuracy

* High-precision geo-referencing with an average error in subpixel range

* High radiometric resolution of 12 bit

* Extremely stable and reliable

* Identically high resolution in all channels

* The spectral separation of the RGB und NIR bands is optimally suitable for remote sensing requirements

* With the thermally stabilized sensor head solid data acquisition even under difficult environmental conditions is possible

* A 1.1 TB solid state storage which can be swapped during the flight allows the uncompressed, lossless and secure data recording

* 3 different types of rack systems for camera control, data storage, operation and monitoring of the acquired data are available as per customer requirement

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