Tuesday, October 07, 2008

ERDAS Software 2009 Suite Available

ERDAS Inc. announces the debut of its suite of fully connected Geospatial Business Systems. ERDAS Software 2009 includes new and updated versions of ERDAS’ products to author, manage, connect and deliver geospatial information. These solutions facilitate businesses in capitalizing on the geospatial information value chain used to build applications for understanding our changing Earth.

New product downloads and licensing information is available on the recently enhanced ERDAS website. For ERDAS Software 2009, media kits will begin shipping in early November. The ERDAS website provides a broad scope of interactive information, featuring product demos, movies, webinars, updated collateral and the latest product and company news. Additionally, numerous solution papers and case studies highlight geospatial thought leadership and customer implementations.

ERDAS Software 2009 includes the recently announced ERDAS APOLLO 2009, as well as ERDAS IMAGINE 9.3, ERDAS ER Mapper 7.2, LPS 9.3, ERDAS ADE, ERDAS TITAN 2009 and ERDAS Image Web Server 2009. ERDAS’ new annual release schedule includes a major release of ERDAS products each Fall, as well as a minor release in the Spring.

ERDAS APOLLO solves the business problems associated with managing and serving large volumes of geospatial data located and distributed across an organization, simplifying the utilization of vector, raster and terrain data. ERDAS IMAGINE and LPS are the industry’s leading and most complete collection of software tools designed to manipulate, process and understand geospatial information and streamline numerous authoring workflows. ERDAS ER Mapper provides advanced image processing and compression capabilities widely used in a variety of industries including oil, gas and mineral exploration. ERDAS ADE enables real-time interactive updates and reporting of location information for online services. ERDAS TITAN 2009 is a data sharing tool for publishing, searching and retrieving geospatial information across organizations and end users. ERDAS Image Web Server is the fastest image server on the planet, simplifying the process of delivering and consuming data.

ERDAS Software 2009 includes unique tools developed through collaborative efforts with Oracle, TerraGo Technologies and other business partners. Each customer shipment will also receive sample data sets from DigitalGlobe that includes Quickbird and WorldView-1 imagery.

“Annualizing ERDAS’ software release enables our customers to implement all of the latest, and most advanced technology, and seamlessly connect these solutions to their business information,” said Mladen Stojic, Senior Vice President, Product Management and Marketing, ERDAS. “As the Earth to Business Company, this streamlined approach illustrates our commitment to interoperability, providing a comprehensive set of tools to meet individual and organizational needs throughout the geospatial information value chain.”

To learn more about ERDAS Software 2009, please call +1 770 776 3400, toll free +1 877 GO ERDAS, or visit www.erdas.com.


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