Monday, September 29, 2008

New ILRIS-3D Geo-Referencing and Target Finding Controller

Optech Incorporated, announces direct Geo-Referencing and improved survey-oriented workflow for the ILRIS-3D scanners. This new control software enables point clouds to be directly geo-referenced from each setup location and provides a fully automated process to find field survey targets.

Optech’s ILRIS-3D is a fully portable, laser-based three dimensional ranging and imaging system for the commercial survey, engineering, mining and industrial markets. A compact and highly integrated instrument with digital image capture and sophisticated software tools, ILRIS-3D is a 21st-century solution that addresses the needs of commercial users.

This new feature enables geo-referencing, re-section and back-sight functionality, allowing users to dramatically cut data collection and post-processing times. The ILRIS-3D controller will automatically calculate the geo-referenced positions of all future scans from that location.

The system will also provide direct real-time confirmation of each scanned target and allow the operator to accept it based on the resulting data quality.

“This system enhancement will dramatically reduce data processing time by allowing users to geo-reference and verify scan quality in the field.

This will ultimately lead to lower job costs and higher profitability,” says Dave Adams, Product Manager, Optech Incorporated.



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