Sunday, July 13, 2008

"Where you gonna be" application now in beta

"where you gonna be" application is now running in beta. Here is what the blog says:
The key idea of the system is that you and your friends tell us where and when you will be doing things in the future, and we look at this information to tell you when you will be close by to your friends. Even if you end up not being close to your friends, we give you various ways to see what they are doing, which is a good way of keeping up with them in a similar way to Facebook status messages or Twitter, but in a richer fashion which adds both a spatial and temporal element - the ability to display what they are doing on a map, and see what they are doing over time, rather than just right now. This focus on the future is our biggest differentiator - there are lots of systems focused on where you are right now (and we see lots of opportunities for integrating with them, but that's a topic for a future post).

Introduction to whereyougonnabe from Peter Batty on Vimeo.

whereyougonnabe integration with Google Earth from Peter Batty on Vimeo.



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