Wednesday, July 09, 2008

New UltiChart Tactical Mapping System

AeroComputers, Inc., the industry leader in tactical mission management systems, today announced the launch of the UltiChart 5100. Designed to put a wealth of information and control at the fingertips of the operator, the 5100 is the next-generation moving map system for public safety and military applications. Through seamless integration with the aircraft’s onboard camera/IR sensor and other systems, the crew can keep their attention focused on accomplishing the mission, not on the operation of the hardware.

“Over the last 15 years, we have leveraged a variety of technologies to greatly enhance the safety and effectiveness of aircrews worldwide”, said Mark Gassaway, President of AeroComputers. “Our goal has always been to build mapping systems that are technologically advanced yet easy to use. UltiChart 5100 is the result of our commitment to product innovation, and it will serve our clients for years to come.”

The choice of more than 100 law enforcement agencies worldwide, UltiChart mapping systems are used daily to assist with operations ranging from routine patrols and vehicle recoveries to air support for high- speed chases. UltiChart uses aircraft GPS and camera information to build a complete geographic picture for the tactical flight crew. The system automatically displays street names, landmarks and other points of reference to the crew in real time while the aircraft moves. This instant supply of information is critical to ensuring the safety of law enforcement officers and the general public.

UltiChart is also used by fire and rescue agencies around the world to collect real-time geographic information about fire progression. Situation commanders can then utilize incident perimeter and area calculations collected in-flight when devising and implementing firefighting and evacuation planning.

Search and rescue operations are greatly enhanced through the collection of flight telemetry by UltiChart. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) personnel on the ground review this information and analyze the aircraft’s flight path. UltiChart even records where operators have pointed the aircraft’s onboard camera and infrared (IR) sensors for review post flight.

The UltiChart 5100 system takes advantage of many recent hardware advances to further expand upon the wide array of features available and to improve product reliability. Faster processors increase performance and solid state disk drives (SSDD) combat vibration related errors. While approximately the same physical size of previous UltiChart models, the 5100 weights less and offers maximum flexibility for installations in helicopters and fixed wing aircraft.

With the release of UltiChart 5100, AeroComputers will continue to deliver turn-key mapping solutions backed by years of proven performance to aid in the successful completion of a wide range of mission profiles. By shortening response times, increasing accuracy in locating targets, recording video and flight data, and delivering real-time information to decision makers, UltiChart is truly a force multiplier.



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