Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Join RapidEye satellite-naming contest

With the launch of the RapidEye constellation of five earth observation satellites anticipated sometime in August 2008, RapidEye unveiles a contest today that would allow anyone worldwide an opportunity to name one or more of their satellites.

The contest will benefit the local charitable organization Gollwitz Manor House Trust in Brandenburg an der Havel which strives to support understanding and acceptance between people of different nationalities, confronting the issues racism and xenophobia. “We are currently preparing a project called Share Respect in which students of the city of Brandenburg will work on short films as actors, producers and directors to create media projects which promote healthy, respectful relationships between peers. The money that will be raised by RapidEye's satellite name contest will benefit this project”, says Elke Weisser,managing director of Gollwitz Manor House Trust.

All satellite name proposals can be entered via the official entry form, which is available in English and German on www.rapideye.de/launch2008 .

The contest has very simple rules. Participants will be allowed to submit a name for one or more of the five RapidEye satellites. For each name submitted, RapidEye requests the participant to make a minimum donation of 10 Euro. If two names are submitted, a minimum donation of 20 Euro needs to be made; all the way up to the minimum donation of 50 Euro for submitting names for all five satellites. RapidEye asks that donations are made as soon as the official entry form has been submitted and that all donations are made directly to Gollwitz Manor House Trust. No money should be sent directly to RapidEye. Any additional donations made above the minimum would be greatly appreciated. A contribution receipt can be issued.

The official entry form should be submitted to RapidEye via e-mail, fax or in person.Participants are donating for the “chance” that their name or names will be chosen. Choosing the names from all of the entries submitted will be a task of the RapidEye Management Team.

“We are happy to support Gollwitz Manor House Trust with this contest”, commented Wolfgang Biedermann, CEO of RapidEye. “We are a global company with employees from more than 20 nations. Supporting such projects for young people from Brandenburg gives us a chance to give back to the community which has been very supportive of us.

And of course, the contest has a unique twist. How many opportunities to name a satellite come up in a person's lifetime?”

The contest runs up to 3 business days before the satellites are being launched, at least until August 8, 2008.



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