Monday, July 28, 2008

GIS for IP Based Network Alert Notification

Desktop Alert Inc. a premier provider of network centric emergency mass notification systems to the United States Government pronounced that it has completed its Geographic Information System (GIS) for implementation with the Desktop Alert Mass Notification System. The GIS implementation is the first such implementation worldwide.

Desktop Alert employs industry standards for GIS mapping systems. The new product capability introduces a highly responsive visual interface built on using AJAX technologies along with detailed street and aerial imagery data, and an open API. This API allows customization of the map output along with the ability to add situational awareness and response capabilities using application-specific data to the map.

"I am proud of our research and development team. Being the first company to release GIS capability for sending alerts to workstations is a substantial accomplishment and milestone for the company. A number of new geospatial viewing tools from major companies in the Internet have recently been introduced to industry and are taking the geospatial world by storm.

Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Amazon have all released Web-based mapping tools in the former year and this trend has raised the bar for Internet mapping. Desktop Alert now puts into effect these technologies and extends GIS capabilities beyond that of traditional GIS vendors. The new GIS capability is a boon for our military customers operating bases in battle zones who require quick situational awareness and response capabilities. Desktop Alert will continue to lead as a pioneer in first-to-market technologies." said David Zadick, President of Desktop Alert Inc.

The maps come with functionality that allow for the creation of maps, adding named areas of interest (NAI) and polylines to a map, specify various map controls, display information windows, read XML files, and much more. The map controls allow the end user to zoom in or out, pan and change the map type between Map, Aerial and Hybrid.

Desktop Alert is a premier provider of net-centric mass notification in U.S. Military battle zone IRAQ with recent implementations at COB Speicher which now bring GIANT VOICE alerts to computer workstations.



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