Monday, June 09, 2008

Dotted Eyes for digital mapping

The NHS Information Centre has awarded a four year contract to Geographical information specialist Dotted Eyes to provide digital mapping data to the NHS.

The contract provides NHS organizations with a range of digital mapping data products available through a fixed schedule of prices.

Ben Allan, managing director of Dotted Eyes, said: “Around 500 NHS organizations including NHS trusts, strategic health authorities and primary care trusts can apply to purchase mapping data under the scheme.”

Allan added: “All 11 ambulance service NHS trusts have already signed up and we delivered a full set of core data products to them within hours of the contract being signed.”

The agreement offers over twenty mapping datasets derived from Ordnance Survey and NAVTEQ data.

Ian Bullard, head of geography for The NHS IC, said: “The NHS frontline needs high-quality information in order to deliver the best possible services to patients. Our role is to provide that information directly ourselves or work with partners to ensure the NHS has access to the full range of data it needs.

“We are delighted that the new agreement with Dotted Eyes ensures digital mapping services can still be accessed by the NHS.”

Dotted Eyes was awarded the contract following an OJEU competitive tendering process run by the NHS IC on behalf of both ambulance trusts and the wider NHS in England.



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