Friday, June 06, 2008

ArcGIS extension: StreetPerfect for ArcGIS

ESRI Canada today announced the availability of the Earth-To-Map GIS Inc. developed ArcGIS extension called StreetPerfect for ArcGIS.

This wizard-based extension utilizes Canada Post's national database, to verify, correct, and enhance address data from any Canadian location and automates the geocoding process.

StreetPerfect for Canadian Address Accuracy was originally developed in 1992 by Sun Media Corp to take advantage of discount mailing rates available through the Canada Post Corporation (CPC) Address Accuracy Program. This powerful toolkit is recognized by the CPC through their Software Evaluation and Recognition Program (SERP). The software enables users to validate addresses at the time of data entry and format them to CPC standards, significantly increasing productivity and data quality. StreetPerfect has been implemented by a wide variety of customers including governments, retailers, call centres, service providers, charities, data compilers, and publishers.

An API allows all address management to be centrally located and leveraged across various applications including:

* Customer Relationship Management (CRM),

* Web-based E-commerce, self-serve / registration membership / kiosks,

* Order Entry (OE), and

* Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

"Maintaining the quality of mailing address data is a significant challenge for any organization, but for those of us who contend with a vast amount of address data, this can be next to impossible," said Ken Kantorowitz, Product Manager, Sun Media Corp. "By using StreetPerfect to validate and correct our address records, the Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, and Calgary Sun newspapers have been able to maintain address accuracy in excess of 97%."

Earth-To-Map-GIS Inc. (E2MGIS), an ESRI Canada business partner integrated Sun Media's StreetPerfect software into an ESRI ArcGIS extension. The StreetPerfect for ArcGIS extension automates address geocoding workflow while standardizing and cleansing raw addresses. The extension is presented as a wizard that simplifies and accelerates the address processing operation while improving the overall quality of address records. The standard version of the extension is compatible with out-of-the-box ArcGIS locators while the enhanced version provides custom Canadian locators that have been developed using ArcGIS technology and tailored to handle Canadian addressing requirements (Quebec addressing, Prairies addresses, etc.). The custom locators leverage Statistics Canada's Road Network and Municipal Boundary files as reference data as well as CPC's Postal Codes.

"For many organizations the standardization, cleansing, and geocoding of addresses represents a considerable challenge that requires expert knowledge and a significant amount of effort," said Pierre Lermusieaux, Managing Director of Earth-To-Map GIS Inc. "Our team has developed expert knowledge of Canadian addressing and geocoding over the years and we're confident that Canadian businesses will benefit greatly from this experience."



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