Friday, May 23, 2008

Update: ESRI RouteMAP IMS 4.0 Now Available for the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico

Street datasets have been updated in RouteMAP IMS 4.0, ESRI's easy-to-deploy, out-of-the-box solution that makes easy and affordable mapping, routing, and driving directions part of any Web site. The latest release of this data pack, Tele Atlas' Dynamap Transportation, includes current street data, postal boundaries, landmarks, and water features for the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

"Combining the most accurate street and postal data with RouteMAP IMS gives our customers all the tools they need to add effective online mapping and driving directions to their company Web sites," says Jay Hoffman, RouteMAP IMS product manager, ESRI.

RouteMAP IMS enables clients, like Xionetic Technologies in Bozeman, Montana, to generate more business activity by allowing prospective customers visiting their Web sites to create maps and calculate driving directions to their various business locations. Xionetic further incorporates RouteMAP IMS into its own product, Locator Web, an Internet-hosted solution that maps store or dealer locations and provides driving direction functionality on corporate Web sites including Cinnabon, The North Face, Sanrio, CAT Scale, and Asics. "It is very likely a customer will visit a physical location to buy a product or service if they have used a store locator," says Sarah Savage, director of customer service for Xionetic Technologies. "If they use maps and driving directions from software like RouteMAP IMS, it is even more likely."

The datasets bundled with RouteMAP IMS, including landmarks, are advantageous in today's marketplace., which provides Internet solutions for real estate agents and brokers, uses the software to provide interactive mapping and residential data searches for more than 80 multiple listing services (MLSs) in 20 states. "When you look for a house, you want to know about the neighborhood, for example, what churches, restaurants, and banks are in the area," says Alain Nisam, chief operating officer, "We can rely on the data that comes with RouteMAP to give a clear picture to our customers."

Besides comprehensive data, RouteMAP IMS includes map templates that make it easy to create maps with symbols for unique company locations. Clients can also create customized maps with ActiveX, Java, and .NET application programming interfaces that are provided with the solution. This gives users full control over the content of their maps and how they are displayed. Being able to use this solution means companies have powerful, advertisement-free mapping for their customers.

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