Saturday, May 17, 2008

Team-GIS Acreage Analyst 9.2

Team-GIS Acreage Analyst is a data independent ArcGIS play fairway and acreage ranking extension that enables you to rank acreage based on large volumes of GIS-based data, including common risk segment analysis.

Manual processes for performing certain E&P analyses are resource and time intensive and as such they are often done incorrectly and inconsistently, if at all. ArcGIS provides excellent tools for geospatial analysis of complex datasets, but none are packaged into easy-to-use tools or for E&P specific workflows.

Team-GIS Acreage Analyst transforms time-consuming and complex opportunity ranking workflows into rapid, repeatable and consistent processes that can be iterated, shared across whole organisations and compared through time, without needing to gain an in-depth knowledge of ArcGIS.

Use Team-GIS Acreage Analyst to perform common risk segment analysis, prospect ranking, acreage and basin analysis, portfolio analysis and rapidly grade and evaluate potential opportunities.

When analysis is streamlined using fast & repeatable GIS techniques, the results are that:

* Interpretation time is gained by automation of complex manual processes
Decision quality is enhanced through analysis iteration
Value is gained from ability to standardise ranking processes across organisation and time


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