Sunday, May 25, 2008

Appello delivers its mobile navigation solution to Telenor

"I'm proud to announce this new partnership and that Appello again is selected by a mobile operator focusing on the market for mobile navigation and location centric services." comments Leif Sundström, Vice President and General Sales Manager at Appello. "Scandinavia is clearly an important market for us and we are enthusiastic about this partnership and the opportunity to deliver our platform to Telenor. Looking at the bigger picture, we now see a clear trend that many mobile operators are taking control and establishing a strategic position on the navigation market. The rather diverse range of products that comes with the different device manufacturer's GPS devices is reducing the control and revenue potential for the mobile operators. Appello's offer and indirect business model help the operators create an attractive services on their on own terms." concludes Leif Sundström.

Telenor Navigation is a mobile mapping, search and navigation application that is fully integrated in the Telenor mobile service portfolio. It is offered to both consumer and business customers and is available on a wide range of mobile phone models from a variety of device manufacturers. Customers can start the service directly on the mobile phone, on the Telenor website, via the customer care help desk or in retails shops. Telenor Navigation will also be pre-installed on several of Telenor's upcoming GPS enabled mobile phones.

Tomas Olsson, Head of New Product & Businesses at Telenor; "We see mobile navigation and map based search as a very interesting business area. It is very important for us to be able to offer our customers a unified and rich product range, compatible with a large number of mobile phones. By using Appello's platform we get immediate access to a leading product and the ability to create a user-friendly and straightforward solution for our customers through the deep integration to our own systems. With the know-how and experience of Appello we have efficiently created a mobile service tailored for Telenor and our customers. The timing could not be better as the launch of our new navigation service coincides with many device manufacturers' introduction of GPS-enabled handsets. This provides an excellent opportunity to meet the demand from our customer base.

"The market is signaling strong growth and I am convinced that Appello, with its integrated and operator centric solutions is in a strong position. We have a solid footprint on many of Europe's most important markets and the number of GPS-enabled handsets is rapidly increasing. Appello is reinforcing its position as one of the strongest partner candidates for operators that wish to establish a position on the navigation market by creating their own offering. At the moment Appello is experiencing a very exciting period and we will announce several new partnerships on the European market before the end of this year." says Martin Svensson, CEO of Appello.

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