Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Tracking Service for Public Pay Phones

Blue Marble Geographics ( is pleased to announce a popular new service, GPS tracking for pay phones. Blue Marble, known for accurate coordinate transformation technology, is “answering the call” made by customers to recognize the lack of respect pay phones receive from the general public, not to mention the GIS industry.

With Blue Marble’s new technology enterprise, users are able to receive up-to-the-month updates of the coordinate position, spatial whereabouts, barometric change, and amount of loose change in the change return slot. The Premium Service level will supply change detection in the graffiti located on the pay phone windows.

"I heard about this friend of a friend of a friend who almost had to use a pay phone," says company President Patrick Cunningham, "but he managed to borrow a cell phone instead. It got me thinking that people who need to know the spatial whereabouts on pay phone locations are just out of luck. We want to help them.”

Blue Marble recognizes that geospatial solutions for pay phones are under-represented in today’s GIS market and is pleased to have the opportunity to fill this void.

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