Wednesday, April 02, 2008

GeoPDF(R) Toolbar, an advanced geospatial mapping technology for the U.S. Marine Corps

TerraGo Technologies(R), the leading provider of geospatial data distribution and collaboration solutions, announces that the United States Marine Corps (USMC) has implemented its GeoPDF(R) Toolbar, an advanced geospatial mapping technology, across 65,000 standard desktop environments. This technology provides U.S. Marines throughout the USMC with GIS viewing functionality and advanced geospatial intelligence capabilities, allowing users to extend maps, imagery and attribute data to virtually any computer, making extensive geospatial intelligence available in a portable, transferable and easy-to-use format.

An approved Department of Homeland Security (DHS) enterprise solution, GeoPDF is the only geospatial data distribution and collaboration configuration that leverages the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) to give users powerful mapping functionality and capabilities via Adobe Reader(R). The GeoPDF Toolbar is deployed across the Navy-Marine Corps Internet (NMCI) platform.

The capabilities of the GeoPDF Toolbar include:

-- Displays map coordinates

-- Re-projects map coordinates

-- Allows query of attributes of map objects

-- Allows the manipulation of map layer display

-- Measurement of distance and direction between points

-- Enables zoom to points and objects by coordinates

-- Displays locations and tracks from GPS units

-- Display attributes of polygons and polylines as object data

-- Redline and markup capabilities

-- Imports and exports SHP and KML files

-- Imports GPX files

The GeoPDF Toolbar turns the free Adobe Reader into a powerful geospatial application that give users the ability to view, manipulate and update mapping data while leveraging Adobe collaboration capabilities to share information with others in the field and at home base.

"The adoption rate of the GeoPDF Toolbar has been unprecedented - with 41,000 being deployed in the last month alone," said Brian Soliday, Vice President of TerraGo Technologies. "The intuitive capabilities built into the GeoPDF Toolbar increase its appeal as an easy-to-use solution. There is virtually no ramp-up time on the use of the GeoPDF Toolbar, and most importantly, its intuitive nature ensures the timely distribution of geospatial information to the edge for rapid insertion into mission critical operations, especially for in-theatre operations."

The GeoPDF Toolbar is provided to government agencies through Carahsoft Technology Corp. (, the leading government information technology solutions provider which serves as the Master GSA schedule holder and aggregator for TerraGo Technologies.

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TerraGo Technologies makes it simple to connect all kinds of users to geospatial mapping data. GeoPDF is the industry's only geospatial data distribution and collaboration solution to leverage the ubiquitous Adobe portable document format breaking down technology barriers between geospatial professionals and the people who need access to geospatial data. Using Map2PDF, geospatial professionals are able to convert complex geospatial information into user friendly, interactive GeoPDF files with extensive embedded data and mapping features. Users leverage Adobe Reader to perform a variety of viewing and editing functions. For more information, visit

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