Thursday, April 10, 2008

Free video library to journalists

Broadcasters and other journalists are being invited to take advantage of copyright-free film footage from Ordnance Survey.

With the aim of further strengthening Ordnance Survey's excellent relationship with the media, its Press Office has commissioned a series of short films showing the work carried out by the national mapping agency.

There are six videos available for download from Ordnance Survey's media web pages. These are suitable for online use, while television broadcasters can receive versions in DVCAM format by contacting the Press Office directly.

It is hoped that this professionally produced footage will be useful to journalists looking to illustrate stories on anything from using satnavs to leisure walking.

Scott Sinclair, Ordnance Survey’s Head of Corporate Communications, comments, "The videos all depict aspects of the work Ordnance Survey does, from producing and printing paper maps to collecting digital data in the field. Our objective has been for them to be informative but also a useful, free resource for journalists to use as stock footage."

The films are:

Walking with maps

Ordnance Survey’s leisure maps are synonymous with outdoor exploration. The film includes footage of walkers in the countryside using a map to navigate and route plan.

Collecting mapping data in the field

Ordnance Survey makes 5,000 changes a day to its mapping database. This film shows how this is possible through the use of GPS equipment and highly detailed aerial imagery.

Satnav and Ordnance Survey

Ordnance Survey provides the road network data to the satnav industry. This film contains footage of a satnav in use and the behind-the-scenes work that makes them possible.

Printing maps

Thousands of Ordnance Survey maps are printed, stacked and folded every day, ready to be shipped out across the country: watch the printing presses and experts at work in this film.

Using Ordnance Survey maps

Ordnance Survey maps are available in paper or digital form. This footage shows shoppers in a busy retail outlet and computer users making use of maps online at an Internet cafe.

Digital geographic information

Ordnance Survey’s intelligent digital data underpins some £100 billion of the nation’s economic activity and is relied on by all of us. This film demonstrates some of the digital mapping that is harnessed by business and government.

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