Friday, February 29, 2008

Hyperspectral remote sensing for Southern Mapping Company

Independently owned light detection and ranging (Lidar) and aerial surveying company Southern Mapping Company has invested in hyperspectral equipment in addition to the conventional laser equipment and cameras it already has.

Recent advances in remote sensing and geographic information have led to the development of hyperspectral sensors.

Hyper-spectral remote sensing, also known as imaging spectroscopy, is a relatively new technology that has been investigated by researchers and scientists for the detection and identification of minerals, terrestrial vegetation, and man-made materials and backgrounds.

“We are delighted with this new technology and everyone here at Southern Mapping Company knows that this year is going to be great,” says Southern Mapping Company CEO Peter Moir.

The current equipment at Southern Mapping is able to produce a three-dimensional digital terrain model on which the images are placed. With the addition of the hyperspectral remote sensing equipment, it will now be able to identify, for example, contaminated trees in a forest. It can then produce further and more in-depth knowledge of the area that has been surveyed and would also be able to tell if the land is suitable for any development.

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