Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Carahsoft and TerraGo Technologies to Deliver Mapping Solution

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has selected Carahsoft Technology Corp., a leading government information technology provider, and TerraGo Technologies, the leading provider of geospatial data distribution and collaboration solutions, to provide interactive electronic mapping solutions for the agency's use in response to critical emergency events.

FEMA chose more than 50 bundles of TerraGo's Map2PDF(R) solution, the software used to create GeoPDF(R) files, for Deployable Emergency GIS Suites (DEGS). An approved Department of Homeland Security (DHS) enterprise solution, GeoPDF is the only geospatial data distribution and collaboration configuration that leverages the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) to give users powerful mapping functionality and capabilities via Adobe Reader(R). The Map2PDF technology and GeoPDF format will be deployed on FEMA laptops to provide real-time data collaboration between field workers and other emergency personnel.

"The GeoPDF platform allows users to extend maps, imagery and attribute data to virtually any computer, making extensive geospatial intelligence available in a portable format most people already know how to use," said Brian Soliday, vice president of TerraGo Technologies. "Its accessibility and ease of use make it an ideal solution for emergency responders and other professionals who need access to geospatial data in the field."

"Ease of use and quick deployment have been key factors in the success of the GeoPDF format among a wide variety of users in distributed environments and the increased collaboration capabilities help everyone communicate more effectively," said Craig Abod, president of Carahsoft which serves as the Master GSA schedule holder and aggregator for TerraGo.

Carahsoft and TerraGo Technologies have partnered to provide federal emergency responders with mapping data to respond to critical events in a timely manner. State and local government agencies and departments are also benefiting from the solution's ability to provide collaborative and timely mapping data.

About Carahsoft
Carahsoft Technology Corp. is the trusted government IT solutions provider. The company combines technological expertise with a thorough understanding of the government procurement process to help federal, state and local government agencies select and implement the best solution at the best possible value. Carahsoft serves as the master GSA schedule holder/aggregator for VMware, Symantec, Adobe, Red Hat, MySQL, Opsware, Pillar Data Systems, Brocade, TerraGo and Avue Technologies. In addition to open source, information storage/security and Adobe solutions, Carahsoft maintains dedicated teams to support sales and marketing of HR solutions, as well as intelligence solutions through its partnerships with many of the In-Q-Tel portfolio companies. For more information, visit www.carahsoft.com or call 888-662-2724.

About TerraGo Technologies
TerraGo Technologies makes it simple to connect all kinds of users to geospatial mapping data. GeoPDF is the industry's only geospatial data distribution and collaboration solution to leverage the ubiquitous Adobe portable document format breaking down technology barriers between geospatial professionals and the people who need access to geospatial data. Using Map2PDF, geospatial professionals are able to convert complex geospatial information into user friendly, interactive GeoPDF files with extensive embedded data and mapping features. Users leverage Adobe Reader to perform a variety of viewing and editing functions. For more information, visit www.terragotech.com.

Editors Note: TerraGo, the TerraGo Technologies logo, Map2PDF and GeoPDF are registered trademarks of TerraGo Technologies. Adobe, Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries. All other trademarks are recognized as proprietary to their owners.

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