Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Bringing GIS-Centric Asset Management to the Forefront

Since 2002, the City of Encinitas, California, has been deploying Cityworks in a methodical, phased process throughout its various departments and divisions. As a result, the City has experienced an array of significant improvements in streamlining maintenance operations.

In 2002, the Water Department implemented the first phase for managing more than 60,000 water infrastructure features in Cityworks, including water meters and service lines. The following year, in combination with a detailed data collection exercise, the City deployed Cityworks to manage the storm drainage system for the Public Works Street Maintenance and Waste Water Collection Divisions, and are also using Cityworks to administer the City’s Clean Water Program and Commercial Site Inspections for the Engineering Stormwater Division. Encinitas continued the phased process adding street asset and sewer infrastructure inventory and work order tracking for the City’s Streets and Wastewater Divisions.

Today, Encinitas hosts more than 70 Cityworks users across five departments and is currently implementing Cityworks to manage parks assets. In addition, the City has developed an in-house training program to keep existing staff up-to-date and train new staff. Future plans include adding hydrant inspections and Commercial Site Inspections for the Fire Department, and deploying units for field staff.

“The City of Encinitas has made great strides toward having a highly functional and robust asset management program,” stated Wendy Flynn, GIS Supervisor at the City of Encinitas. “The success of our program is the result of well thought-out processes combined with thorough data. As a result, our staff is happy and productive and we enjoy the full support of our management – as they see its many benefits. The following comment from a staff member of our Public Works Street Maintenance Division says it all: ‘The (Cityworks) program is user friendly, easy to navigate, and the results are fantastic!’”

“Encinitas is an excellent example of how Cityworks can easily be deployed throughout a local government, utility, or other agency,” said Brian Haslam, President of Azteca Systems. “A non-modular system, Cityworks can manage literally anything – capital assets, infrastructure, property, outdoors, or indoors. The City of Encinitas – like most of our customers – quickly discovered the ease in which a site can achieve a mature maintenance management program for infrastructure and other important assets, and in this case, over a period of time and without straining budgets or taking on a huge project.”

Source : http://cityworks.com/


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