Thursday, February 07, 2008

iPLAN Lynx Dynamic Location Optimization Software

Lynx Transcends Traditional Site Selection by: Accelerating Franchise Sales, Optimizing Target Markets, Screening Real Estate Efficiently

Orlando, Feb. 11, 2007 -- geoVue, a leading provider of dynamic location optimization software, today announced here at the International Franchise Association’s 2008 International Convention iPLAN Lynx and its Franchisee Portal Solution, a groundbreaking advance to its iPLAN market planning platform that enables retail and restaurant chains to optimize targeted growth markets in seconds or minutes vs. hours or days.

geoVue goes beyond simple site selection. It optimizes locations. Using its innovative solutions and domain expertise, geoVue develops predictive store trade areas that allow clients to decide which markets to enter, expand or exit, how they should optimize store networks within each market and what sites to choose.

“Identifying new growth opportunities and maximizing existing store performance are the two most significant ways in which a retailer can increase the value of its chain,” said James Stone, founder of geoVue. “For too long, many retailers have been reacting simply to what is currently available in a market rather than proactively developing the right number of stores in the right locations. Only iPLAN Lynx helps chains assess the market landscape, determine the optimal number of locations that a given market can support and identify the ideal position of each site to get the most from the entire network in minutes. iPLAN Lynx combines the power of mathematical models with the experience of research analysts. The result is an efficient, practical, reliable and valuable way for chain facility operators to get maximum returns on their investments.”

The latest version of geoVue’s iPLAN offers a number of breakthrough features, including the following:

New Features:

High-speed drive-time engine computes hundreds of thousands of drive-time “trips” from each neighborhood in a market to each candidate location. Using this new engine, chains can now optimize entire markets in seconds or minutes vs. hours or days.

Enhanced usability features enable even inexperienced users to run “what if” scenarios and create and analyze highly usable reports. Now, even non-technical individuals without analyst training (execs, assistants, franchise sales managers, etc.) can achieve top results.

Works in conjunction with numerous desktop mapping and reporting software offerings (ESRI’s Business Analyst, etc.) through the geoVue toolbar, so that customers can leverage their existing investments.

In addition to the existing stand-alone desktop configuration, customers can now purchase hosted ASP Web-based solutions or integrated enterprise applications that can be tailored to a retailer’s size and needs, with customized, role-based access to information.

The Franchise Portal, a Lynx-based packaged solution for franchise companies allows quick and efficient access of optimized markets, creating efficiency in territory development and accelerating new franchise locations.

“iPLAN Lynx represents a fundamental shift in reporting functionality for real-time market planning," said Jim McConville, director of Real Estate, Pet Supermarket. “With this latest version from geoVue, non-technical and inexperienced users even executives will be able to report on and conduct real-time market planning."

“geoVue has raised the bar again,” said Andy Verostek, market planning analyst at Sagittarius Restaurants, LLC. “With easy-to-use interfaces, concise reporting features and lightening speed, the new iPLAN Lynx has revolutionized the way I plan markets. When you are planning brand growth in numerous DMA’s from coast to coast, speed with accuracy is essential. iPLAN Lynx exceeds all performance expectations, allowing me to spend more time doing what I was hired to do, produce results.”

geoVue’s iPLAN software adapts to changing market conditions. While a market blueprint is a snapshot in time, iPLAN allows clients to update plans and evaluate “what-if” scenarios as business landscapes evolve. The software allows users to perform the following analyses:

Market Potential: Identify over or under-performing locations

Market Capacity: Estimate the ideal number of locations a market can support

Market Opportunity: Identify the best new locations to maximize market performance

Ideal Market Layout: Determine the ideal market configuration to asses repositioning opportunities

Market Comparison: Assess the impact of adding, closing and relocating stores in a market

Market Analysis: Evaluate merger and acquisition opportunities

iPLAN Lynx is available immediately. geoVue will be demonstrating the new product here from February 9th-12th 2008 at IFA booth #1104.

About geoVue (
geoVue is the leading provider of dynamic location optimization software for retailers, restaurants and other real-estate based consumer channels seeking a higher return on capital investment. geoVue’s state-of-the-art modeling and optimization solutions help its clients holistically plan store networks and prioritize capital investments based on predictive, multi-factor trade areas. Clients prioritize markets to enter, expand or exit; optimize store networks; and localize marketing and merchandising. geoVue’s unique approach to data and model maintenance provides each client with a localized, real-time geospatial decision-making framework configured for its particular customer-centric strategy. geoVue clients “don’t leave square footage on the table.”

Founded in 1994 and based in Woburn, Mass., the company has more than 150 clients, including Big Lots, Dunkin’ Brands, Meineke, Papa Murphy’s, Pet Supermarket, REI and Burlington Coat Factory.


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