Tuesday, February 05, 2008

GIS-based site selection project

The Ascension Economic Development Corporation (AEDC) announced today the availability of GIS technology to determine the best parcels in Ascension Parish for light manufacturing and commercial development.

The program, which is an ongoing project developed by C-K Associates of Baton Rouge, was created to assist AEDC in measuring the suitability of parcels in the Parish for its continuing business park project and other on-going projects considering Ascension Parish. AEDC staff determined the variables associated with the ranking of parcels including distance to interstate, zoning, land use, and access to utilities.

Every parcel in the Parish of Ascension was analyzed and has an appropriate score and ranking for development and provides instant information on property ownership and parcel size. With the use of Arcview software, AEDC can also change the value of inputs and tailor-make searches according to specific project needs.

The service is available to realtors and developers considering a project in Ascension Parish. The program is already being used to determine the location for a utility project planned for the Parish.

Eventually, AEDC intends to make the program web-enabled. The project was funded in part by a grant from the Louisiana Department of Economic Development's Tier II matching grant program.

Source : http://www.ascensioncitizen.com/


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